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Chester Zoo


LED lighting experts Carbon8 have supplied a variety of energy-efficient LED floodlights to illuminate the new tropical Monsoon Forest, the largest ever indoor zoo development in the UK, located at Chester Zoo.

Monsoon Forest is part of the zoo's Islands project – home to animals and plants from South East Asian islands. The impressive building allows visitors to follow walkways on different levels and explore and experience the lush environments containing some of the zoo's most exotic and endangered species. The hugely ambitious project brings conservation to life, putting a spotlight on threatened species from South East Asian islands and the conservation work the zoo is involved within the region. 

LED Floodlights specifically designed by Carbon8 Lighting in 60W, 80W, 100W and 200W have been used throughout the interior of Monsoon forest. The fittings were chosen for their high performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

Carbon8 played a key part of the project with the assistance of computerised lighting design, selecting the exact power output and choosing from a selection of different lenses, creating specific light outputs to illuminate the wide variety of area and subjects within the forest. Additional control of the lighting is enabled through digitally controlled DALI dimming on each fitting.

The primary focus was, of course, getting the lighting design absolutely correct, however, one small additional detail showed Carbon8's abilities with bespoke project lighting. Each fitting was powder coated in white, matching the metal framework on which they are mounted. The colour matching means that the fittings blend with the framework, ensuring maximum discreetness among the plants and animals.

Islands has been carefully constructed in strict accordance with the zoo's green ethos and all materials used within the build have been sustainably sourced.


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