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Palmer and Harvey


Palmer and Harvey is the UK's number 1 delivered wholesaler, serving multiple convenience, forecourt and CTN retail outlets throughout the UK. With a unique delivery network of 14 regional depots, the company services c90,000 retail accounts from the local corner store to the UK's largest multiple grocers. Palmer and Harvey also supply some 12,000 ambient (including alcohol), chilled and frozen product lines and hold direct distribution contracts with major UK manufacturers. 

Calculations and site readings proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Carbon8 could provide a lighting scheme that met all of the criteria for the company's stringent requirements, whilst delivering improved illumination levels using luminaires from the Discus LED high bay range. Specifically designed for use in large freezer and refrigeration areas, 90W Discus Zero fittings were chosen for the 1035m² freezer to replace the 250W SON fittings. The driver is mounted remotely outside the freezer room, reducing the amount of heat generated in the freezer by the fitting, lowering the amount of energy consumed by the freezer. The slim profile of the luminaire also offers less interruption of the flow from the blast chillers.

Carbon8Lighting has delivered massive reductions in energy and maintenance costs and a lighting upgrade for retail wholesaler Palmer and Harvey. Carbon8's Discus and Discus Zero luminaires have provided a reduced maintenance, low energy solution. The project has seen the existing, inefficient SON lamp technology at Palmer and Harvey's Aylesford branch upgraded to more efficient, LED luminaries to significantly reduce the overall energy usage and CO2 emissions and provide a fast return on investment.

Lighting for the ambient loading area, which consists of a covered loading bay and reception combined and the 1531m² chiller is being [provided by the 70W Discus Gen2 LED high bays. Discus Gen2 operates in the harshest environments and provides unparalleled performance in excess of 160 lumens per watt, offering unrivalled value for money. The high output module used within the Discus Gen2 offers complete stability in a wide range of temperatures, whilst maintaining consistent light output throughout the life of the fitting. Sensors have been installed for the operation of the Discus Gen2 highbays in the ambient area.


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