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Greater Anglia


Greater Anglia has upgraded the shed lighting at its Crown point Depot using Carbon8Lighting Discus LED High Bay luminaires. The Carbon8 fittings were chosen for their energy and cost-efficient LED technology that will help to support Greater Anglia's goal to reduce its energy consumption whilst improving illumination levels at the depot.

Crown point depot is located in Norwich and is currently used for the servicing and maintenance of Intercity and Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) trains. Carbon8Lighting was introduced to Greater Anglia by Rail Depot Solutions, a company that has been working closely with all the UK train operators, for many years, to provide solutions for all aspects of depot equipment. The brief was comprehensive and included replacing the legacy of energy-intensive high bays installed in the depot.

To initiate the project a trial installation of five Discus LED high bay fittings from the Carbon8Lighting were installed. The trial fittings, mounted at approximately 7m, replaced the existing fittings one for one and utilised the existing mounting chains, making the installation quick and simple. Energy consumption was reduced from 440W down to 130W for each fitting, whilst also achieving higher illumination for the area. Designed using the latest technology, Carbon8's Discus LED High Bay provides industry-leading performance and reliability. The Discus's unique design ensures that light degradation will be minimal over the life of the fitting, operating in a wide range of temperatures.

The trial was so successful that Carbon8 was awarded the contract for additional areas, including the vehicle washing bay where high ingress protection was a key requirement. A simple upgrade of the Discus high Bay takes its ingress rating from IP65 to IP67. Carbon8's solution again improves light levels and reduced energy consumption by a considerable amount as well as dramatically reducing carbon emissions, a key goal for Greater Anglia. Additional savings have been made through the cutting of lighting maintenance costs to nearly zero.

The business case for the replacement of the existing energy-guzzling lighting at the sites with the ultra-efficient Discus LED solution was a compelling one. Greater Anglia is set to achieve a rapid return on its investment based purely on the reduction in energy consumption. Add to this the considerable further savings from the reduced maintenance costs and the case becomes even stronger.

Greater Anglia is also very keen to reduce its carbon footprint and with most light fittings in its depots running 24 hours a day, the reduced impact on the environment by switching over to the Discus LED High Bay is substantial.

The Discus high bay is offered with numerous power outputs ranging from 70W to 200W. Available options include colour temperature, diffuser lens, sensor control, dimming, and emergency; all designed to suit individual needs and provide complete flexibility. Additionally, Carbon8 offers a bespoke finishing service, tailoring its products to meet specific project requirements, a service that Greater Anglia has utilised on multiple projects.

Feedback from the depot has been extremely positive, from the depot manager to the train drivers, all have been impressed with the vastly improved light levels and light quality. This, coupled with the environmental and financial savings have made the installation a complete success.


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