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Life Leisure Grand Central


Switching to Carbon8Lighting's Multifunction luminaires has provided Life Leisure Grand Central's Pool in Stockport, Greater Manchester, with an increase in light levels and a reduction in energy consumption. The aesthetics of the pool have also been improved, not just with better light quality, but also with the addition of blue floodlights, enhancing the colour of the water to make it more inviting. 

The pool operators, Stockport Council and Life Leisure were keen to improve the quality of the lighting but did not want to increase the facility's carbon footprint. Grand Central provides first-class fitness and swimming facilities and is home to Stockport's only 50m swimming pool and Stockport Metro, the UK's most successful swimming club and 'learn to swim' programme. The swimming complex includes an eight-lane pool and world-class diving facilities, both of which are used for training Olympic hopefuls. There is also a children's splash pool.

The Carbon8Lighting LED Multifunction range offers outstanding performance combined with a unique, rugged design that can withstand even the harshest conditions, both in and outdoors. The LED module and driver are completely enclosed and sealed in the tough IP65 rated housing. 24 x Carbon8 210W Multifunction luminaires were installed above the main pool area, achieving the specified uniformity criteria with fewer fittings than had previously been required. This helped to reduce capital expenditure and maintenance costs, as well as energy consumption. Other Carbon8Lghting luminaires used for the project were 16 x 180W Multifunction's and 16 x Carbon8 80W Blue Floodlights for accent lighting. The combination of Multifunction fittings ensured high quality of lighting with good light distribution and minimum shadowing, important for health and safety purposes.

Carbon8Lighting's versatile Multifunction fitting can be used as a high bay, street light, or floodlight. The only variations with the fittings are differing bracketry and optional lenses. In addition to the three mounting options range, there are also options for beam angles of 60/120/140 degrees, asymmetric streetlight lens, LED colour temperature 3000K – 6000K, a polycarbonate lens and 1-10V dimming.

The use of long-life LED's means that there is no need for costly lamp replacement, so all of the disruption and hassle associated with accessing high light fittings, over a pool is removed, as is the cost associated with maintenance. The upgrade has also improved the quality of the light for staff and customers alike, providing a pleasant, well-lit and welcoming environment.


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