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Illumination Excellence

Adjustable Sports Floodlight

Unleash the Power of LED Sports Lights for Tennis Courts!

Better Colour Rendering

Ensuring that players can accurately judge the speed trajectory and spin of the tennis ball.

Enhanced Player Experience

Energy Efficiency

Over 90% of clubs that have their existing lighting tested, fail to meet the current LTA lighting guidelines.

Meet Targets


For Tennis Courts

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Game, Set, and Match!

Excellent Illumination

Ensuring uniform and high-quality lighting across the tennis court

Better Visibility

Enhancing player performance

Environmental Benefit

LED lights are eco-friendly as they do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead

Reduced Risk

Of accidents or injuries due to poor lighting conditions

Don't get left

in the dark!

On average, over five UK tennis clubs are signing up for Athlima each month.


Carbon8 Athlima sports LED lights were recently installed at Banstead Downs Tennis Club.

7-Year Onsite Warranty

Onsite Warranty that includes light degradation. Minimal Degradation, No lamp replacement and zero maintenance. Carbon8Lighting is the only sports lighting manufacturer that includes degradation under the 7 Year Onsite Warranty. 

No additional maintenance/unforeseen costs giving 7 years peace of mind

Graham Burr, Chair RPLTC

Reigate Priory Lawn Tennis Club

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Richard Marston, Chairperson

The Avenue Lawn
Tennis Club

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